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Conroe, Texas

Just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience when we visited your practice. Juan was fantastic from the beginning when we needed to find out what was necessary until everything was complete. His compassion is a wonderful thing and we could feel that it was natural and he truly cared for our well being.

Prince George, BC Canada

I am so happy with my new smile and not having chronic tooth pain anymore. I would recommend this clinic to everyone in need of any or all dental work.Reason for visit: I had full extractions and dentures done.


Great experience and value! Clean, modern facilities. Great office staff. Will recommend others in the future.

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Armenia, New York

Five implants are going to cost what one would cost in New York. So the travel expense is more than worth it.

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British Columbia, Canada

We refer people every year to the Bernal Dental Group and everyone has been very satisfied with the work done.

Wilsonville, OR

I can say that the quality of the implants and crowns was as good as in the U.S. and they guarantee their work. Many others do it so take advantage of a great deal and then take a long vacation, buy a boat or what ever you want to do with the savings.

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Very best dentist I have ever gone to.

Courtenay B.C. Canada

I was looking for a complete new set of teeth. After months of research on the net as well a blogs on the subject, and emails and phone calls I was still unsure what Dentist to go to.

Elaine S.
Portland, Oregon

I had been dreaming for a set of veneers because I didn’t want braces at my age. They offered caps instead because my teeth had grown so crooked. Amazing work.

RV Wheeling Magazine

This is a bigger dental group that seem to have very modern equipment.

Joe S.
San Jose, California

Dr. Juan and Dr. Carlos gave me a whole new mouth and cleaning. I saved nearly $8,000 after travel and hotels and car rental. They finished everything in such a short time. Their lab work was quality. The turnaround was simply amazing.

Seattle, Washington

I had mini implants done by Juan. He was very gentle. He did everything right… Now my bottom teeth don’t move and I can chew without worrying about losing them.

Jim & Judy
Phoenix, Arizona

We enjoy Los Algodones for the shopping bargains and the tacos and margaritas. When we need dental work, we always go to Dr. Juan Bernal and Dr. Carlos Castenedo.

Sedona, Arizona

A lot of living took it’s toll in many ways, especially with my teeth. Those years of neglect caught up with me. I didn’t think I would ever smile again.

Park Hills, Kentucky

I am very pleased with the results of this. Everyone who has seen it so far (including some friends that I emailed photos to) says it looks great.

Lake Tapps, Washington

I am very happy with the work I had done and plan on returning with my wife to have her needed work completed.

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Spokane, Washington

Everyone did such a great job.

Susanville, CA

WONDERFUL!!! I am so happy with the way I look now. Everyone very nice and helpful. I am coming back!

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It was all done in a quick and timely fashion with minimal pain.